BEFORE you go on vacation.

It’s nearly that time of the year where you can leave the cares of the past year behind and relax with family and friends. And if you’re one of the lucky ones, you will be doing this at the seaside or in the bushveld or another holiday spot favourite. But there are a few things that need your attention before you leave so you can truly have peace of mind:


  • Your roadside and home assistance service providers

Ensure that you know who they are. It’s always a good idea to pertinently save these names and contact numbers on your phone as well as keep a list of these at home. You never know when and where you will need assistance and you need to be prepared.

  • Increase your unspecified all risk cover

This is your out-and-about cover for valuables generally below R1500 such as the contents of your handbag, jewellery etc. People rarely think about all the valuable items that are suddenly out-and-about when you go on holiday. Ensure that you are sufficiently covered for all items and that you take updated valuation certificates with you.

  • Valuation certificates

Claims can be rejected or a pay-out much less than expected if valuation certificates for your valuables are not regularly updated. Ensure that you have valuation certificates for all your valuable items, that they have been updated and that your insurance provider has been notified of the updated values. It’s also important to take these along with you on holiday.

  • Christmas gifts

We tend to spoil friends and family over the festive season with fairly expensive gifts. But have you ever thought of what would happen if the unthinkable happens and they get stolen before you could give it to them? That’s why it’s important to talk to your insurance provider about getting these gifts covered for the time that they are in your possession – whether as part of your household contents or out-and-about cover.

  • Your car

If you’re planning on taking a long car trip you need to inspect your vehicle beforehand as pre-cautionary measure. You also need to review whether your car insurance is sufficient so you don’t end up stranded along the way due to insurance problems.


If you would like to receive further information or would like us to ensure that you have everything in place before you leave, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.