What does Christmas have to do with insurance?

‘Tis the season of giving, not getting headaches from your insurance. Ironically, the festive season is usually the time of year that most claims are received by insurance service providers and many jolly clients are left disappointed. So what does Christmas have to do with your insurance?


  • Household contents

The value of your household contents is almost sure to increase over the festive season since we purchase expensive items as gifts, we are gifted expensive items and our fridges and pantries are filled to the brim with festive foods and drinks. The festive season is when criminal activity is at its peak, so ensure that you communicate the increased value to your insurance provider to avoid disappointment.

  • Let there be light!

During the festive season most of us suffer from a very infectious Christmas spirit and the biggest symptom is our sudden urge to bathe every inch of our property in the glow of Christmas lights. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this and makes for a lot of festive family fun, this inadvertently increases our risk of fire. So check whether you are sufficiently covered in the case of the unimaginable and take precautionary measures such as never using lights with frayed or damaged cables.

  • Not quite as atmospheric

Many opt for a more candlelit festive season feeling, but this also increases your fire risk. Check whether you are sufficiently covered and take precautionary measures such as never leaving an open flame unattended.

  • Christmas trees and critters

Over the last few years a new Christmas trend has become apparent; more and more people prefer purchasing a live variant of the Christmas tree rather than opting for the plastic classic. Many are supporting local nurseries or even street vendors. But these trees can bring just as much trouble as cheer in the form of hidden critters. These can come in the form of live bugs or tiny eggs that hatch during the time the tree is set up in your home. This can lead to all sorts of problems including full blown infestations which will require that you evacuate your home and can cause extensive damage to your property and household contents. If you are one of those who prefer the Christmas tree live version take precautionary measures and inspect the tree before you make your purchase, then give it a good shake outside the home. Do not use any bug sprays since many are not safe to use within the confined spaces of your home and increases the flammability of your tree.


From all of us at APBCO we wish you a merry and safe festive season. If you need any advice or assistance with your insurance cover, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us here.