A Proud tradition and outstanding client service for 36 years!

In 2019 APBCO will be celebrating 36 years of outstanding customer service and a tradition of excellence. APBCO started in 1983 as a family business built on the premise of offering niche products with the focus on client-centric solutions and individual attention. In an insurance industry where people are treated as numbers, APBCO soon appeared on the radar as the preferred and trusted insurance institution of choice.

This strong foundation caused APBCO to rapidly grow into a formidable short-term insurance business with effective and targeted advisory services. Thousands of loyal clients and a diversity of unique insurance solutions also contributed to our success story.

The fact that we have grown to such a large extended family has not only benefitted APBCO, but our clients as well. Our experience and knowledge under one APBCO roof are only targeted towards client service.


We are dedicated to:

  • Determining and quantifying risk BEFORE the inception of a policy.
  • Assisting our clients on a personal level, ensuring that their cover fits all their insurance needs and requirements.
  • Enhancing long-term relationships – each broker remains linked to a policy as long as it is active.
  • Being your first point of contact when it comes to claims, amendments or advice.
  • Always being one step ahead on all insurance matters within this very challenging and versatile industry.


Feedback from our loyal client of 36 years supports this:

“A long, long time ago when APBCO just began, I was in the lucky position of becoming their very first policy holder. I was very impressed by their policy of always putting the client first and promising outstanding customer service to every one of their clients. It’s 36 years later and APBCO has seen us through some tough times such as car crashes and other hairy situations. Based on my experience with APBCO I’m not planning on EVER leaving them.

Thank you, APBCO & may you continue providing such excellent service to your clients!”

Andre J Kotze


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