Autumn is on its way – Essential home maintenance you cannot ignore.

Insurance risks tend to change with the seasons. Along with falling leaves and dropping temperatures, the autumn season brings about new types of hazards and new trends in personal insurance claims.

You might want to consider this list of home maintenance activities while the seasons transition from hot summer days to freezing temperatures.

  1. Be sure to clean your gutters:

We’re so accustomed to our gutters working properly and draining thousands of liters of water from our roof that we forget they could use a little maintenance. If they’re clogged, you can end up with a flooded interior and damaged exterior.

  1. Fix those cracks:

This seems tedious and is one of those things where we all say: “Eh, it’ll be fine!” But, it could very easily not be fine. Water penetrating walls will cause cracks lower down as the water is drawn downwards through the wall and seeks an exit from the masonry when encountering an impenetrable barrier such as a concrete slab or waterproofing.

  1. Check your gas cylinders for leaks:

Most gas leaks occur from defective rubber tubing, faulty regulator fitting and improper handling of gas appliances. You can use the soapy water test to test for leaks.  First, you need the gas open and the appliance knob closed.  Next, apply soapy water to the valve area, using a sponge or brush. If there’s a gas leak, bubbles will form at the point of the leak. If your cylinder is leaking, turn off the gas bottle and get it replaced immediately.

  1. Discover your inner artist:

Lower humidity and cooler (not yet cold) temperatures makes autumn a good time to paint the exterior of your home.

  1. Keep the pool clean:

Clean your pool more regularly to remove autumn leaves and other debris. Make sure you skim your pool for debris and clean out the strainer baskets and make sure you get to the debris early before it sinks to the bottom. Use your pool cover more often to prevent the leaves and debris from damaging your pool.

  1. Check for overhanging tree branches:

Trees are beautiful, but aside from creating piles of leaves to rake up, they can also be the source of a lot of damage to your home and create liability risks. If there are tree branches overhanging your property you should consider having them cut back if they hang over your roof, walkways, living areas, or driveways.


Talk to your APBCO Broker to learn more about the seasonal risks on the horizon.  Your APBCO broker is knowledgeable on this topic and able to provide you with the correct information and advice.

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