How to safely defrost your windshield during the Winter months

A frozen windshield is the last thing one wants to deal with on those freezing Winter mornings. Knowing how to defrost a windshield without causing damage to it, is a handy bit of information to have.

In this article we will take you through the steps you need to take to accomplish just that and combat the Winter enemy.

Firstly, we will tell you what NOT to do. Never pour warm water over the windshield. The difference in temperature could potentially cause your windshield to crack. It goes without saying that a cracked windshield should be avoided at all cost.

Your first step should be to turn your engine on and crank up the heater to full blast with the defrost option selected. This generally looks like a little windshield icon with little scribbles on it. This could take some time, but just be patient with the process.

The second step is to get fresh air into the vehicle. The reason for this is to decrease the moisture in your vehicle. Warm air holds more moisture than the fresh, crisp Winter air. This can be done by turning off the recirculation in your car or opening a window slightly. This will stop your windows from fogging up on the inside.

The next step takes a little bit of preparation but can save yourself a mountain of headaches. Mix 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol with 1/3 cup of water. Poured it into a spray bottle that can easily be stored in your car. Use this solution and spray it over your windshield to get rid of the Winter ice and use your windshield wipers to speed up the process. Practice caution as it is possible that your wiper mechanisms could freeze causing the wiper blades to get damaged or tear.

We should also look at ways to avoid your windshield from freezing in the first place. Here are some options:

  • Declutter your garage so that you can park your car inside during the cold Winter months.
  • Place an old blanket or cover over the windshield of your car
  • Spray a vinegar solution on your windshield every night.


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