Your pet and your insurance cover..The fine print in your policy wording that animal lovers should be aware of.

Dachshunds, Jack Russells and Spaniels… Some of the cutest puppies in the world or spawns sent from the underworld to destroy everything in your house?

Everyone loves a baby animal, whether it’s a kitten, puppy or even a little bird but reality kicks in when you walk into your house after a long day at work and find your curtains on the floor, your couch completely destroyed and your coffee table chewed around every corner. It may seem like something like a tornado has hit your home.

The shame with these little furry animals is that they have incredibly expensive taste. Why would they chew on a R150 chew toy when they can chew on your brand-new pair of Salomon running shoes? We’re afraid the answer to that question is unknown to mankind.

How can you cover yourself from these damages with regards to your insurance? The answer is… you can’t. Any damage to your property sustained through your furry friends is unfortunately not covered under any personal insurance policy. The only insurance cover you have relating to your pet is for third party liability as well as for vet fees should you be in a motor vehicle accident.

If you are a dog person, it is important that you are aware of your liability should your dog cause harm to another person. Your guests’ toddler pulling on your dog’s tail might create enough irritation for your good-natured best friend to retaliate. The consequences could be dire, and your visitors could hold you liable for medical costs and damages sustained. Even though you are covered under the personal liability section of your policy, the excesses involved in a case involving a pet is generally quite substantial.


In conclusion, your best option is to keep a close eye on your furry friends and if you cannot do this, put them in a space where they can cause as little harm as possible.


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