The importance of backups for your business

The development of technology has, without a doubt, made everyone’s lives easier. From automation in factories to your accounting processes, it is something many of us cannot go without anymore. However, technology does have the ability to spoil a perfectly smooth process when it doesn’t work the way it should.

For this very reason, it is crucial to do frequent backups of your information. In the past, the risk of data and information loss was of a more material nature because it was all on paper. Fire, theft and water damage were some of the risks that businesses needed to consider.

In the digital age the above-mentioned risks and failures of your technological systems can be minimized with regular backups. A backup is the simple process of duplicating all your digital information onto a separate device. Depending on your business, this can be done in the form of simply duplicating all your information onto an external hard drive and storing that hard drive at a secure facility other than your business premises.

Automated backups can also be put in place to run at a certain time every day and store your data at a range of different options available, such as cloud storage or remote backups. The key to a successful backup protocol is to ensure that the backup process is reliable, the stored information is arranged logically, is easily accessible and regularly tested for retrievability. The safety, in all aspects, of the information is paramount.

A “hope and pray nothing goes wrong” approach could potentially be the downfall of your business.  If you do not yet have a reliable backup process in place, this should be on the top of your short term business objectives.


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