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Risks of driving at night and safer alternatives

We wait 18 years to gain freedom through the acquisition of a driver’s license. A driver’s license enables you to come and go as you please, stay out later than usual because you are not dependent on someone picking you up at night and show off your brand-new wheels to your friends. This amazing freedom […]

The difference between municipal value on buildings and your building insurance

“Why is there a difference between my house’s valuation by my Insurer and my municipal value and which one of the 2 values are correct?” “My house is not worth as much as you are wanting to insure it for.” “I will never be able to sell my house for the price that you are […]

The importance of backups for your business

The development of technology has, without a doubt, made everyone’s lives easier. From automation in factories to your accounting processes, it is something many of us cannot go without anymore. However, technology does have the ability to spoil a perfectly smooth process when it doesn’t work the way it should. For this very reason, it […]

Your pet and your insurance cover..The fine print in your policy wording that animal lovers should be aware of.

Dachshunds, Jack Russells and Spaniels… Some of the cutest puppies in the world or spawns sent from the underworld to destroy everything in your house? Everyone loves a baby animal, whether it’s a kitten, puppy or even a little bird but reality kicks in when you walk into your house after a long day at […]

What is the difference between internal and external theft in my business and how should I insure these risks?

In 2018, close to 500 000 cases of business theft were reported in South Africa. This is an alarming figure for us as a country and as such, we need to ensure that we are adequately protected or insured against these risks.

Show me what is in your handbag and I’ll tell you how it should be insured!

Although no official surveys have been done, it is believed that in the United States, 1000 handbags and purses are stolen every 2 minutes. You can only imagine what the figure would be in South Africa!

Defensive driving tips to keep you safe on the road during the winter months

Even though our winters are not as extreme as in other parts of the world, there are parts of South Africa where the cold winter months create different and dangerous driving conditions.

What is product liability insurance and does my business need it?

When you supply the public with a product, it is important that you protect your business from harm that may arise from the use of your product. It is designed to ensure that should such a claim arise you are not held liable for the defence or legal costs that go hand in hand with […]

How to safely defrost your windshield during the Winter months

A frozen windshield is the last thing one wants to deal with on those freezing Winter mornings. Knowing how to defrost a windshield without causing damage to it, is a handy bit of information to have. In this article we will take you through the steps you need to take to accomplish just that and […]

Body Corporates – What are the rules about changing the rules?

In most cases, the process to arrive at a solution carries a heavier weight than the solution itself. Body corporates are not exempt from this statement. When one wants to change the rules of a body corporate, there are certain procedures that need to be followed in order to solidify the validity of the changes […]

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