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+27 12 470 5500 Monday-Friday, 7:30am - 17:00pm
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Water Damage

Preventing water damage

Water damage is one of the biggest culprits that can cause weakening of your home’s foundation. It only takes a small amount of water soaking into the floors, walls or cabinets from a faulty pipe

Road safety tips

10 Road Safety Tips

It’s almost March, but some still struggle to adjust to the new year. Traffic is overwhelming every morning and afternoon on the busy roads, and the commute to and from work can be exhausting, especially after a relaxing holiday with the family.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance – What do I need cover for?

Attaining the right business insurance cover is a very important step in managing your business risks. However, failing to get the right kind of cover could end up being just as costly as it would be to not be insured at all. 

Funny Insurance claims

The most ridiculous insurance claims ever!

Sometimes insurance can become very monotonous. However, every now and then, a claim comes in that makes it all worthwhile and gives everyone at the office a laugh! Here are some of the craziest insurance claims

The Claims Process

Surviving the claims process: Your 5-point checklist!

Making an insurance claim is never a fun experience and in many cases, it can become a very long, complicated process. We have compiled a few steps for you to follow so that making a claim


How do you protect yourself against cyber crime?

Cyber crime is on the rise, and the situation seems dire. Recent statistics indicate that small to medium enterprises do not have the money or expertise to combat this rising issue, and

Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is becoming a deadly bug to businesses

Being a successful individual in today’s world means that you have to be almost completely reliant on technology. For this reason, legislation in most countries forces businesses to protect their

Home Security

Home security while you are on vacation

Going away on holiday is probably one of the most exciting things to look forward to after a long and busy year. The last thing you need is to stress about home security while you are relaxing on the beach with family and friends.

Home content insurance

How to kick the claims process into overdrive

It’s sad but true –  we will have to wait an entire year before the next season of Game of Thrones is released. Game of Thrones withdrawal symptoms are very real, but what’s even worse is when your brand new

insurance emergency

Safety tips in the event of natural disasters

The world has been watching natural disasters unfold with awe and fear in the last few months, unsure of what to expect next. Hurricane Harvey hit on the 17th of August, causing up to an estimated $200billion of damage.

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