+27 12 470 5500 Monday-Friday, 7:30am - 17:00pm
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Head Office Lynnwood, Pretoria
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+27 12 470 5500 Monday-Friday, 7:30am - 17:00pm
+27 0861 24 36 48 Submit your claim
Head Office Lynnwood, Pretoria
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Our Service Pledge

We strive to maintain superior client service and to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our service pledge as your Insurance Broker:

Since 1983, APBCO has nobly been upholding a philosophy of individual attention and excellence in customer satisfaction. We strive to not only maintain superior client service, but to exceed the expectations of our clients. We conduct our business according to high ethical standards, integrity and stability.

We are willing to go the extra mile for our clients and therefore we give our undivided attention to accommodating your unique requirements.

The APBCO Service Charter

  • APBCO’s just and frank approach towards our insurance clients is inherent to our culture.
  • APBCO will contract the services of proficient service providers only in order to comply with our customer’s service expectations.
  •  APBCO will provide assistance and advice in order for our customers to make informed decisions regarding their short term insurance needs.
  • We will always train our representatives in order to provide you with the expected advice and support.
  • You are entitled to receive accurate and clear information before, during and after a short term insurance related transaction has been concluded.
  • You may request a yearly review of your insurance portfolio from us.
  • Should you request an amendment to your insurance cover, your insurer or underwriter must provide you the amended policy schedule shortly after.
  • Should your insurer or underwriter implement any amendments to your insurance cover or premiums, such a notice accompanied by the amended policy schedule must be provided to you in advance.
  • You are entitled to professional claims service. We will keep you posted on the progress of your claim.
  • Any complaint, suggestion or request must be dealt with expediently and will be dealt with without prejudice. Should your expectations not be satisfied, we will investigate the matter in order to resolve your complaint satisfactorily.
  • APBCO undertakes to use your personal information for the purpose of underwriting your personal risk only. We also undertake to safeguard your personal information as prescribed by applicable regulation and legislation.
  • You are entitled to pay a fair insurance premium which should be relevant to your risk profile.
  • You may communicate with APBCO via our telephone lines or via e-mail, our website, in writing or via social media, as you may find convenient. APBCO is accessible through various media platforms.
  • APBCO will always have professional liability insurance cover in force should it be necessary for us to submit a claim for negligent advice rendered by any of our representatives.
  • APBCO will not support any form of unrealistic or false advice regarding insurance products or services. We will always strive protect the interests of our customers.
  • APBCO undertakes to also provide obstacle-free after sales service.


Submit a Claim

Legacy Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd manages the claims procedure for the largest portion of APBCO’s insurance clients.
CLICK HERE to view our Claims Procedure and documentation requirements.


Gold Policy Status

The Golden Policyholder status takes effect when you maintain a low claims ratio and wisely use your insurance cover. The policyholder and his/her spouse are eligible for these benefits.
 To find out more CLICK HERE.


Home Inventory

In order to assist you to determine the correct replacement value for your home content kindly click on one of the links below to download our inventory form.
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If your APBCO policy is managed by Legacy Underwriting Managers, download the MY POLICY APP to manage your policy on the go.

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